Blue Box Braids Hairstyles 2018 Collection

Assortment of blue box braids hairstyles. Give your natural hair a month brake with box pigtails. Box braids are the primary safety style that will not just protect your natural hair, but additionally prolong it. After the setup, you ll have the ability to put on functional hairdos. This protective design could last approximately 3 months. You could make your braids look trendy, elegant as well as stylish based on the celebration or your mood.

blue box braids hairstyles

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life ✨ kayabri te ✨. Source:

How can you style box pigtails? We ve gathered 50+ designs that will definitely transform heads.

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Fades into Blue blue ombre box braids. Source:

Collection of blue box braids hairstyles. Click on the image to enlarge, and then save it to your computer by right clicking on the image.

Discover The Best Ways To Do Box Braids.

The pictures below won t instruct you how you can box pigtail like a pro but they will certainly motivate you. If you want some suggestions on ways to begin braiding such as this check out this tutorial.

You won t be as quickly as a few of our African sis in their store yet it s a great beginning LOL.

If you are gone to some Summer Vacation places as well as put on t want to spend a lot of time doing hair this is a major option. Braids will provide you a lot more time to appreciate the events as well as places you are engaged in.

box braids hairstyles tutorial

box braids hairstyles tutorial

  • Obtain an elastic hair band, timeless size.
  • Select pigtails in the front.
  • Twist.
  • Bring the in reverse keeping the benting.
  • Recover wicks on each side of the head and gather with those twisted using the flexible to develop a fifty percent braid all the 7 Affix.
  • Select two or 3 braids continued to be free on each side.
  • Prepare to dress braid.
  • Dual knot to hold it.
  • Drop hairs of braids picture 11.
  • And voila voila.