The Ultimate Christmas Closure Email Sample for Your Business

During the festive season, there are countless things to do. From gift shopping to decorating the house, it can be an incredibly busy time of the year. But with all the excitement, it can be easy to forget to take care of business matters as well. For many businesses, this is the time to inform clients and customers of the upcoming Christmas closure, so that they can plan their orders and activities accordingly.

If you’re struggling to come up with the perfect email to let your clients know about your Christmas closure, don’t worry. There are plenty of examples out there that you can use and edit as needed. With just a little bit of tweaking, you can send out a professional and friendly message that lets everyone know exactly when you’ll be back in action.

Whether you’re a small business owner or a large corporation, sending out a Christmas closure email can be both important and stressful. But by using examples as a guide, you can make sure that your message hits the right note and doesn’t cause any confusion or worry. So take a deep breath, check out some samples, and craft your own perfect Christmas closure message. Your customers will appreciate the heads up, and you can enjoy your holiday break with peace of mind.

The Best Structure for a Christmas Closure Email Sample

As we near the end of the calendar year, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on our accomplishments and recharge for the new year ahead. For many businesses, this means taking a break from operations and closing up shop for the Christmas holidays. If you’re sending out a closure email to your clients or colleagues, it’s important to structure it in a way that is clear, concise, and effective. Here’s an example of how you can structure your Christmas closure email:

Open with a Seasonal Greeting

Start off your Christmas closure email with a warm and friendly greeting, such as “Happy Holidays” or “Merry Christmas”. This sets the tone for your email and lets your recipients know that you’re spreading holiday cheer. You can also include an image of a Christmas tree, snowman, or other festive decoration to add to the holiday atmosphere.

Communicate Your Closing Dates and Hours

Make sure you clearly communicate your closing dates and hours so that your recipients know when your business will be closed. Be sure to include any important deadlines or cutoffs that may impact your clients or colleagues. For example, if you’re a retailer, be sure to let your customers know when they need to place their orders to receive them before Christmas.

Set Expectations for When You Will Return

Let your recipients know when you will return to regular operations. This could be a specific date or a general timeframe, such as “we will be back in the office on January 2nd”. It’s important to give your recipients a sense of when they can expect to hear from you again so that they can plan their own schedules accordingly.

Include Emergency Contact Information

Finally, be sure to include emergency contact information in case your recipients need to reach you during your closure period. This could be a phone number or email address that is monitored by someone on your team. Let your recipients know that this contact information should only be used for true emergencies, and provide some guidelines for what constitutes an emergency.

In conclusion, a well-structured Christmas closure email can help ensure that your clients or colleagues are informed and well-prepared for your closure period. By following this simple structure, you can make sure that your recipients have all the information they need to plan their own holiday schedules and still feel supported by your business or organization.

Christmas Closure emails

Christmas closure email due to office celebration

Dear ,

As we celebrate the festive season, we wanted to inform all our valued clients that our office will be closed on so that our staff can enjoy and participate in the Christmas festivities.

We would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continued support and trust throughout the year. It’s been a year of unprecedented challenges like none other, but together we have managed to steer through the tough times. We are confident next year looks brighter and filled with opportunities.

During the holiday season, our team will take a well-deserved break to spend time with their loved ones. Our office will resume normal operations on .

We wish you a merry Christmas and happy holidays, and we look forward to serving you better in the years to come!

Warm wishes,

[Your Name]
[Your Company Name]

Christmas closure email due to system maintenance


We hope you are excited about the forthcoming holiday season. However, we would like to take a moment to notify you that our office will remain closed on due to system maintenance.

This maintenance will enhance your experience on our platform, ensuring that we provide better and efficient services. During this time, our team will work behind the scenes to optimize our systems and better serve our esteemed clients.

Please note that if you have any critical issues that require immediate attention, feel free to reach out to us via email or phone call.

We apologize for the inconvenience this may cause, and we assure you of our best efforts to improve our services for you. Our office will resume normal operations the next day.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.


[Your Name]
[Your Company Name]

Christmas Closure Email Due To Employees Training

Hello ,

Christmas is around the corner, and we hope you are looking forward to it as much as we are! We are sending this memo to let you know that our office will be closed from to for our staff training.

As a company, we value the importance of equipping our staff with the necessary tools, skills, and knowledge they need to deliver the best possible service. To ensure we offer services that meet your needs, we trust you understand that we need to have valuable training sessions to equip our staff with the latest skills and knowledge.

Should you have any urgent issues that require our immediate attention, kindly send an email to Our team will respond to you as soon as we are back to our desks.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we appreciate your understanding.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year filled with joy and peace.

Thank you,

[Your Name]
[Your Company Name]

Out of office closure due to Year-end Inventory

Hello ,

With Christmas almost upon us, we would like to take a moment to wish you a happy and relaxing holiday season. However, I am writing you with regards to the out of office closure from to .

During this period, we will be conducting our year-end inventory. This closure will allow our staff to take stock of our items so that we can be fully prepared for the upcoming year’s growth.

If you have any pressing issues during this period, kindly email us, and we promise to respond to you as soon as possible.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this closure, and we thank you for your understanding.

Best Wishes for a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year.


[Your Name]
[Your Company Name]

Christmas closure email due to office relocation

Dear ,

As we gear up to the end of the year, we look forward to a new beginning that comes with the next year. Our company has experienced remarkable growth and expansion, and as a result, we are moving to a better and spacious office.

We are thrilled to have a new office location, but this change will require us to close our current office from to . During this time, our team will ensure that they move everything to our new location and set up everything that our office needs.

We apologize for any inconveniences or delays this may cause and ask for your kind understanding during this period. Rest assured, our business operations will resume as usual from .

Thank you for your continued patronage; we value our clients and are indebted to their unwavering support. Wishing you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Best Wishes,

[Your name]
[Your Company Name]

Christmas closure email due to Traditional Celebration

Dear ,

As the year draws to a close, our company would like to convey its best wishes to our esteemed clients. Over the year, we have accomplished many milestones through our dedication and your unwavering support.

During this holiday season, we will be celebrating with traditional activities that are important to us. As a result, our office will be closed from to .

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and we appreciate your understanding. Our team will be ready to serve you with the same enthusiasm and quality as we always have when we get back to the office.

Thank you for your cooperation and support throughout the year. We look forward to a prosperous new year.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from our team.


[Your Name]
[Your Company Name]

Christmas closure email for the welfare of staff

Dear ,

The Christmas holiday is one of the most crucial times of the year, and everyone is looking forward to being with their loved ones and families. As a company, we value the welfare of our staff and understand the importance of recharging after a year full of hard work and dedication.

To this end, we would like to inform you that our offices will be closed from to . Our staff will take this period to be with their loved ones and rejuvenate themselves for the upcoming year of service.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and trust that you understand the importance of supporting our staff to provide better service.

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year ahead.

Best Wishes,

[Your Name]
[Your Company Name]

Tips for Writing a Professional Christmas Closure Email

The holiday season is here, and it is time to take a break from work to spend quality time with family and friends. However, before you log off and switch on your out-of-office notification, it is essential to inform your colleagues and clients about your absence. Here are some tips for writing a professional Christmas closure email.

  • Start with a warm greeting: Begin your email by wishing your recipients happy holidays or Merry Christmas. This sets a positive and friendly tone for your email.
  • Mention your dates of absence: Inform your colleagues and clients about the dates you plan to be away from work. This helps them plan their work and schedule meetings and deadlines accordingly.
  • Provide emergency contact information: If you think there might be an urgent issue that needs attending to in your absence, provide contact information for someone who can help. This ensures that business operations continue smoothly and that clients can reach out to a person who can assist them.
  • Express gratitude: Taking this opportunity to express your gratitude to everyone for their support and cooperation throughout the year is a great way to show that you value your working relationships.
  • Set expectations: If you plan to return to work after the holidays, let your recipients know. Also, inform them about any projects or tasks that can be completed in your absence.
  • Keep it concise and professional: Remember, this is a professional communication, and while you can add a bit of personality, avoid getting too personal. Keep the tone professional and to the point, while still expressing your goodwill and holiday cheer.
  • End with well wishes: Close your email with a kind and warm message, wishing everyone a happy and prosperous New Year.

In conclusion, your Christmas closure email is a representation of your professionalism and attention to detail. With these tips, you can craft a thoughtful and effective message that keeps everyone informed and sets the right tone for the festive season.

Frequently Asked Questions about Christmas Closure Email Sample

What is a Christmas Closure Email?

A Christmas Closure Email is an official email sent by a company or organization to inform its clients, customers, employees, and stakeholders that the organization will be closed or have limited operations during Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Why do organizations send Christmas Closure Emails?

Organizations send Christmas Closure Emails to inform their clients, customers, and employees about their holiday schedule and avoid any confusion or inconvenience. It also helps in managing customer expectations and preventing any potential issues or complaints.

What information should be included in a Christmas Closure Email?

A Christmas Closure Email should include the dates when the organization will be closed or have limited operations, the reason for the closure or reduced schedule, and any alternative contact information or emergency measures. It can also include holiday greetings and messages of appreciation.

When should the Christmas Closure Email be sent?

Organizations should send the Christmas Closure Email at least a week or two before the start of the holiday period. This gives their clients, customers, and employees enough time to adjust their schedules or make necessary arrangements.

Do all organizations send Christmas Closure Emails?

No, not all organizations send Christmas Closure Emails. However, it is considered a best practice for organizations that have regular business hours and deal with clients and customers.

Can the Christmas Closure Email be personalized?

Yes, the Christmas Closure Email can be personalized by including the recipient’s name, company, or any other relevant information. This helps in creating a personalized and professional touch to the email.

What is the tone of the Christmas Closure Email?

The tone of the Christmas Closure Email should be polite, friendly, and professional. It should convey the message of the holiday schedule while also expressing gratitude and appreciation for the clients, customers, and employees.

What should I do if I have an urgent matter during the holiday closure?

If you have an urgent matter during the holiday closure, you should check the alternative contact information provided in the Christmas Closure Email or contact the emergency numbers provided by the organization. The organization may have emergency measures in place to handle urgent matters.

Can I reply to the Christmas Closure Email?

Yes, you can reply to the Christmas Closure Email if you have any questions or concerns. The organization should provide a contact person or email address for any further inquiries.

Happy Holidays! Keep Your Spirits High!

That’s it for our Christmas Closure Email Sample! We hope you found it helpful and informative. Remember to share the love and joy of the season with your family and friends. From all of us here, we want to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Thank you for taking the time to read our article. Be sure to visit us again soon for more exciting content. Have a great day!