Daria Cartoon Color Palette

 Daria   Cartoon Color Palette

This Daria Cartoon Color Palette, consists of 9 main colors. The color names are UP Forest Green, Streusel Cake, Beer Glazed Bacon, Crown Point Cream, Bronze, Suede Vest, Weathered Leather, Bleached Bone, Jīn Zōng Gold. These color combination could create a beautiful color schemes, and you could use as inspiration for your design.

Daria Cartoon Color Palette

#004830rgb (0, 72, 48)UP Forest Green
#d8a860rgb (216, 168, 96)Streusel Cake
#783018rgb (120, 48, 24)Beer Glazed Bacon
#fff0c0rgb (255, 240, 192)Crown Point Cream
#a87800rgb (168, 120, 0)Bronze
#d89048rgb (216, 144, 72)Suede Vest
#906048rgb (144, 96, 72)Weathered Leather
#f0d8a8rgb (240, 216, 168)Bleached Bone
#907818rgb (144, 120, 24)Jīn Zōng Gold

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