Medical Certificate Email Sample – How to Request and Write a Medical Certificate Email

If you’re looking for a way to draft a medical certificate email sample, look no further. In this article, we’ll provide you with a guide to writing a professional email that highlights your medical condition and requests time off from work or school.

But don’t worry, we’re not going to bore you with a laundry list of dos and don’ts. Instead, we’ve compiled some examples of medical certificate emails that you can use as a starting point. From there, you can edit them as needed to ensure that they suit your specific situation and meet the requirements of your employer or educational institution.

The process of requesting a medical certificate is a delicate one. It requires you to communicate your condition in a clear and concise manner, while also being respectful and professional. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to help guide you through this process. So, whether you’re seeking time off to recover from an illness, or you need to attend a medical appointment, we’ve got you covered.

So, if you’re ready to take the first step in drafting a professional medical certificate email, start by reviewing the examples we’ve provided. From there, you can tailor your email to your specific needs and situation. Good luck!

The Ideal Structure for a Medical Certificate Email Sample

If you’ve ever had to request a medical certificate from a doctor, you know how important it is to have a clear and concise email requesting the document. A well-structured email ensures that the doctor understands what you need and can provide it promptly. In this article, we will discuss the best format and structure for a medical certificate email sample.


Begin with a clear and concise introduction that explains the reason for the email. Make sure to state your intention upfront and avoid going into too many details at the beginning. A good introductory sentence could be something like this: “I am writing to request a medical certificate for my recent absence from work due to health reasons.”


The next paragraph should provide relevant details about your situation. Be specific and provide as much information as possible regarding the dates of your absence, the reason for your absence, and any other essential information that the doctor may need to know. Remember, the doctor needs to be aware of all your medical history, symptoms, and diagnoses to create an accurate medical certificate.


In the third paragraph, make a clear and concise request for the medical certificate. Specify that you need the medical certificate as soon as possible, and provide clear contact information so that the doctor can get in touch with you if needed. You can use a sentence like this for your request: “I kindly request that you provide me with a medical certificate with the necessary information as soon as possible.”


In the final paragraph, express your gratitude for the doctor’s help and reiterate the importance of this medical certificate to your situation. Provide any final instructions for sending the document and offer thanks again. Use a line like this for your closing: “Thank you for your help in this matter. I appreciate your assistance during this time.”


In conclusion, a well-structured medical certificate email sample follows a clear and concise format, beginning with a straightforward introduction, providing relevant details about your situation, making a clear and concise request, and providing a closing and conclusion. Stick to these guidelines, and your email is sure to get a positive response from your doctor. Remember, always be polite, grateful, and appreciative of the doctor’s help, and you are sure to get the help you need.

Medical Certificate Email Samples

Medical Certificate for Absence from Work

Dear Mr./Ms. (Recipient’s Name),

This email serves as a notification that (Patient’s Name) was absent from work due to an illness that required medical attention. After careful examination and evaluation, we have determined that (he/she) is fit to return to work on (date). In addition, we have prescribed (medication or treatment) to (him/her) to ensure full recovery.

If you have any further questions regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your understanding.

Best regards,

(Doctor’s Name)

Medical Certificate for School Absence

Dear (School Administrator’s Name),

This is to certify that (Patient’s Name) was unable to attend school due to (medical condition) from (start date) to (end date). After careful examination and evaluation, we have determined that (he/she) is now fit to return to school without hindrance. (He/She) may require further assistance and medication to speed up recovery and prevent recurrence, which we will monitor carefully.

If you require further clarification or documentation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your cooperation.


(Doctor’s Name)

Medical Certificate for Travel

Dear Sir/Madam,

This is to certify that (Patient’s Name) is fit to travel to (destination) despite (medical condition). We have conducted thorough medical examination and determined that (he/she) is stable enough to undertake the journey, although we advise (him/her) to take necessary precautions and medications to ensure a safe and comfortable travel experience.

Please feel free to contact us should you have further inquiries or concerns. Thank you for your trust in our medical services.

Best regards,

(Doctor’s Name)

Medical Certificate for Fitness to Work

Dear HR Manager,

We certify that (Patient’s Name) has undergone a comprehensive medical examination and is found fit to work with no medical impediments that could affect (his/her) work performance. We have evaluated (his/her) physical and mental health condition, and have prescribed necessary medications and lifestyle changes (he/she) needs to adopt for optimum health.

If you have any further concerns or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to continuing our partnership with you.


(Doctor’s Name)

Medical Certificate for Injury to Claim Insurance

Dear (Insurance Company’s Name),

Please be advised that (Patient’s Name) was examined for (type of injury) and was found to require immediate medical attention. We have provided necessary medical assistance to alleviate (his/her) condition and have documented the extent of the injury for insurance claim purposes. We have also provided (him/her) with the necessary medication and follow-up instruction for complete recovery.

If you require any further information or documentation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for providing the necessary insurance coverage to your esteemed clients.


(Doctor’s Name)

Medical Certificate for Fit to Play Sports

Dear Coach/Trainer,

This email confirms that (Patient’s Name) has undergone a thorough medical examination and has been declared fit to play sports despite (medical condition). We have provided (him/her) with necessary medical assistance and treatments, if any, to ensure optimum health and safety while engaging in sports activities. We advise (him/her) to adhere to necessary precautions and medications for complete recovery and prevention of relapse.

If you have any further concerns or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing quality medical care to our valued clients.


(Doctor’s Name)

Medical Certificate for Mental Health Day Off

Dear HR Manager,

Please be advised that (Patient’s Name) was absent from work on (date) as per recommendation after evaluation and examination for mental health concerns. We have provided (him/her) with the necessary treatments and medications, and we advise (him/her) to take necessary steps to prioritize mental health and seek further professional help, if needed.

If you have further concerns or inquiries regarding this matter, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your support for mental health advocacy in the workplace.


(Doctor’s Name)

Tips for Writing a Professional Medical Certificate Email

When writing a medical certificate email, it is important to ensure that it is professional, accurate and informative. Below are a few tips for crafting an effective and professional email:

  • Be Clear and Concise: Ensure that your email is clear, easy to understand, and free from any ambiguity. Use simple and straightforward language to convey your message.
  • Provide Relevant Information: Include all relevant information that will help the recipient understand the purpose of the medical certificate. This may include the name and address of the patient, diagnosis, treatment received, and any other relevant details.
  • Use Proper Tone and Language: Maintain a professional tone throughout the email, use appropriate language, and avoid using jargon or medical terms that may not be familiar to the recipient.
  • Include Contact Information: Provide contact information in case the recipient needs to reach out to you for further clarification or questions. This may include your email address, phone number, or mailing address.
  • Respect Patient Confidentiality: Ensure that you maintain patient confidentiality and do not disclose any sensitive or personal information that may compromise their privacy.
  • Follow Professional Email Etiquette: Ensure that you follow proper email etiquette, such as including a clear subject line, using an appropriate salutation and closing, and signing off with your name and designation.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your medical certificate email is professional, accurate and informative, and conveys your message effectively.

FAQs Related to Medical Certificate Email Sample

What is a medical certificate?

A medical certificate is a document issued by a medical professional that contains details about the applicant’s health condition, diagnosis, and treatment prescribed. It serves as proof that an individual is unable to perform their duties due to health reasons.

How can I request for a medical certificate from my doctor?

You can request for a medical certificate by setting up an appointment with your doctor and informing them about your need for the document. Alternatively, you can send an email requesting for the same.

What should be included in a medical certificate email sample?

A medical certificate email sample should include the reason for the medical certificate request, the name of the person issuing the certificate, and their contact information. It should also mention the duration for which the certificate is required and provide clear instructions for its delivery.

How long does it take to get a medical certificate?

The time taken to issue a medical certificate depends on the medical professional and their schedule. Generally, it takes a few days to get the certificate. It is advisable to plan ahead and request for the certificate well in advance of the due date.

Is it mandatory to provide a medical certificate to my employer?

Employers have the right to request for a medical certificate from their employees if they are taking time off due to sickness. It is mandatory for an employee to provide the certificate if asked for by the employer.

Will I be charged for a medical certificate?

Yes, medical professionals charge a fee for issuing a medical certificate. The cost may vary depending on the doctor and the location. It is advisable to confirm the fees in advance before requesting the certificate.

Can I use a medical certificate for more than one employer?

Yes, a medical certificate issued by a medical professional can be used for multiple employers. However, each employer may have specific requirements that need to be met to prove the incapacity to work.

What should I do if I lose my medical certificate?

If you lose your medical certificate, you can request another one from your medical professional. You will need to inform them about the lost certificate and the reason for reissuing a new one.

Is there any expiry date for a medical certificate?

Yes, a medical certificate has an expiry date beyond which it becomes invalid. The validity of the certificate depends on the medical condition and the duration for which it was issued. Your doctor will provide details about the expiry date while issuing the document.

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